Keeping a property is not always an asset. For instance, if your constructed property is lying vacant, with no chances of appreciation, and its upkeep is proving to be bothersome (maintenance, repairs, taxes…), then why not rent it out? This way, it becomes an 'earning' asset. If there's no way you can rent out your property, you might as well sell it. And invest that amount elsewhere, where it'll fetch you better returns.And if you're going to be around for long, or need a place of your own, instead of spending money on rent, why not buy your own home, on Equal Monthly Instalments. As a leader in the real estate market, we offer services for buy and sell commercial and residential property including Corporate House, Shopping Mall, Office, Shop, Show Rooms, Bungalow, Flat, Row House, Farm House, Plot, Land etc. It is important for us to find out what your own individual criteria are as far as describing the ideal property. We take into account factors like the dimensions, style, facilities, age and location of your 'dream' property. We will accompany you to view the selection of possible properties advising you of the pros and cons of each property relative to your criteria and looking at it also with a view to it as an investment and potential resale value in time to come. Everyone needs a home and we have made it the whole process of finding and moving into a home as straightforward by offering reliable and stress-free services. Meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations is our commitment to you. We work solely in your interests to secure the best property available for the best price. If you are interested in Sale-Purchase, Rental Deals for Flat / Bungalows / Office / Plot or any type of residential properties, please feel free to contact us for more information.